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 Pool Parties

How to Request Lifeguards 

We provide lifeguards for pool parties if:

  • Your pool is managed by our company, &

  • Your pool allows parties.

Please review the information below & follow instructions within each TAB to reserve a time and request lifeguards for your party.

2 pool party policies


Pool parties carry inherent risks. These policies are for the safety and enjoyment of the party attendees.

  • You must be a member of the club or Homeowners Association to host a party at the pool (If parties are allowed at all).

  • Pool Parties must be scheduled and paid for a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

  • Please notify us of any party that you are planning on hosting, whether it requires a Lifeguard or not. If an unexpected party creates more swimmers than the Lifeguard can safely watch, the pool may have to close temporarily.

  • After-hours pool parties must finish before 10:00 PM which includes cleanup time.

  • Pool parties cannot be held after Dusk at locations with poor lighting. Please contact us to find out if your party can go beyond dusk.

  • Lifeguards will call regular Safety Breaks every hour, as during normal pool operation. All party guests will be required to exit the pool during these Safety Breaks. 

  • Party attendees must abide by the standard pool rules that are in place during normal pool operation.

  • Lifeguards are responsible for clearing the pool during occurrences of thunder or lightning. For thunder or lightning all individuals must remain out of the water and off of the pool deck for 30 minutes after each occurrence.

  • Pool Party Sponsor may be required to pay for a Constable or Security Guard if the HOA or club requires it.  If a Constable or Security Guard is required for parties having alcohol, then you are not required to have an additional lifeguard, but the party sponsor is required to hire the security guard through the Homeowners Association.  Please note: Some home owners associations do not allow alcohol.

  • You will receive an e-mail when we receive your request form. This only confirms receipt of the form.

  • Once Lifeguards have been scheduled for your party, you will receive a second email confirming that lifeguards will be at your party. Staffing for a pool party is not confirmed until you receive an e-mail from our office confirming the details.

  • Cancellation Policy: Please email for any cancellation, including inclement weather. If there is poor weather prior to the start of the rental period, the party host may cancel via email up to one hour prior to the rental and have the option to reschedule for another available day or receive a full refund less the 3% credit card handling charges. Should Aquatic Management of Houston cancel your party prior to the start time due to circumstances out of our control (pool accident, maintenance issue, weather, etc.), you will be given the option to reschedule your party during the current pool season or receive a full refund less the 3% credit card handling charges. For non-weather related cancellations made via email at least 12 hours in advance of the rental, the party host will have the choice of rescheduling the party for another available day or obtain a full refund less the 3% credit card handling charges.

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